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Also known as the Mexican red-kneed tarantula, the orange-kneed tarantula is primarily native to Mexico, although they now inhabit many areas in the south-western United States. They are popular as pets due to the fact that they are docile and relatively harmless. Scientific Name: Brachypelma smithi Characteristics: Like most tarantula species, the orange-kneed tarantula has a very long lifespan, and can live to be 30 years old. That means you’ll have plenty of time to spend with this amazing individually hand painted and crafted arachnid! Size and Color: Measuring 6 inches long and 5 inches wide, both dimensions of this model are about the same size as the length of a dollar bill. As their name suggest, orange-kneed tarantulas are black with orange patches on the joints of their legs. The Orange-Kneed Tarantula is part of the Incredible Creatures® collection. All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.


Unlike many other species of spiders which rely on their webs to catch prey, orange-kneed tarantulas are ambush hunters. They carve deep burrows into the soil which not only protects them from predators, but allows them to lunge out and ambush passing prey. For those who aren’t afraid of a friend with eight legs, the orange-kneed tarantula makes a lovely pet!

  • Size in cm: 19.5 L x 16 W x 4 H 


Warning: Choking Hazard - Small Parts.

Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. 


Quantity available:  2   



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By James Stanford