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a. Christmas Elf Doors

At Christmas time, you must always remember to use this magical door for the month of December.
This Elf door is a Christmas must with its Christmas Eve magic enchanted by Santa Dust.
The Elves can use this door to enter as they please and report back to Santa before anyone sees. 
The Elves can see what you do, they can watch you all day, making sure that you're kind and that you're nice when you play.
If you follow the rules, do hard work and persist the Elves will make sure you're on Santa's "Nice" list.
So if you always behave, (you never know when an Elf will be near), then on Christmas Eve you should get a visit from Santa and his reindeer's.
  • These fairy doors cannot be opened
  • Easy install to a wall with Velcro or Blu Tac
  • Approx. Measurements: 20cm H x 10cm L x 1.5cm W
  • Made of Poly Resin