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a. TX Juice - Ai Copter (Remote Control)


Patented ground detection system! Can never crash on the floor!

This Infra-red controlled helicopter is the first to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in helicopters, making for an incredible user experience, more like video games than traditional remote control products! AI Button Functions include: Press once for auto-take-off - Copter takes off hovering in mid-air until you are ready to take manual control and Press again to auto-land the copter. 

The AI Copter has in-built proximity sensor, ensuring it cannot crash on to the floor beneath. Control the copter left/right, up and down and forward. 3 Channel pro R/C controller. 
Age: 8 + Years


  • Ai Copter, includes Li-Poly re-chargeable battery and built-in ground detection system
  • TX handset, requires 4 x AAA batteries 1.5V (not included)
  • USB charging cable
  • Full instructions for use