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v. Schleich (Germany) World of Fantasy Collection

The Delicate Lily Elf


The Delicate Lily Elf loves playing the golden ball game with her friends most of all. They throw it high up in the air and then try to catch it in flight. Whilst they play, they look like little stars or butterflies. When she catches the ball, she smiles gently and throws it to another.

The Flower Elf


This enchanting young elf looks lovely in her pale green dress and gemmed wings.

She is spreading flowers during the bride’s entrance, making the Bayala wedding look even more beautiful.

Eyela, Princess of Bayala

Her destiny is to be queen of the kingdom of the summer elves. Her beauty and dignity outdazzles everything and so she is loved and adored by all the summer elves. Most of all, she loves riding with her best friend Feya and her two sisters Sera and Surah across the gentle green hills of the land of the elves. The soft blue of her wings is reflected in her dress. During the many adventures of the elves, she always demonstrates the true bearing of a princess: generosity and love toward all elves and animals.