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c. Long Sleeve Baby Swimwear Set (Boys & Girls)

How many times have you gone to the beach or pool and had to let you baby or toddler swim without his or her hat?

Sunburn on the face, neck and ears will be a thing of the past with these gorgeous Rashoodz swim suits with attachable hats. The long sleeved suits will provide extra protection against the harsh summer sun.

The Hat is attached with clips to the nape of the neck, to keep the neck protected from the sun and to keep the hat on his / her head while in the pool or ocean. If you need to take the hat off, its simple, unclip the clips and it comes free. In addition to this, difficult beach nappy changes can be a thing of the past with the clips in the Rashoodz swimsuits crotch.

Most importantly, you wont have trouble spotting him or her in a crowded pool or beach in these outfits!

These stand out baby and toddler swimsuits and hat sets are Australian owned and designed by two clever mums!

UPF 50+, Chlorine Resistant, 'Vrooming Vehicles' (cars, buses & trucks) & 'Strawberry Kisses' patterns currently available.

UPF50+, Chlorine Resistant, Attachable Hat with Clips! Easy Nappy Change Clips! Cars, Buses and Trucks Pattern. Beautiful Quality. - See more at:

Check out the matching swim nappy!



Summer Sailor              Purple Peacock