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u. Messy Mealtimes : Baby Smocks

Does your child like to make a big mess everywhere at mealtimes?

Of course they do ....


Why not protect your baby's clothes with these gorgeous handmade baby smock bibs? The smocks are unique to Green Goat and the key feautures include:

* Long sleeves

* Elastic around the cuffs and neckline (designed for comfort)

* Made from breathable cotton fabrics in a range of fashoinable prints

* Easy to machine wash

* Smock provides full coverage (eg. in case little ones drop food behind themselves)

* Two little pockets on the front

* Generous smock length to help cover the lower half of your bub and the high chair.


The smocks are so versatile as they can be used as an Art Smock, Messy Play Smock and for any other activity which involves mess, mess, mess!


Green Goat loves these smocks! My little one thoroughly enjoys his messy mealtimes but also stays clean at the same time. It is difficult to find full coverage smocks small enough for young babies which are trendy and comfortable.