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z. Breastfeeding Covers

These fabulous Breastfeeding Covers allow mothers to breastfeed their babies in total privacy without exposing ourselves. Giving them the confidence to feed anywhere at any time. Great Features:

Generous Size – Our nursing cover is longer and wider than many others on the market (approximately 74cm width), which not only allows room for babies to wriggle, but also ensures that the cover can be used by mums of all shapes and sizes.

Easy On/Off Buckle – We know from experience that breastfeeding cannot is a process that involves both hands and sometimes even a knee or leg to help support bubs! With this in mind, we created an easy buckle that easily flicked on and off.

Neck Strap Adjustment – The buckle on our covers is quite sturdy, and allows you to set the strap in a place that is comfortable for you—and it won’t move until you readjust it. The strap can be easily adjusted with one hand, and its length will you get the amount of coverage you need.

Stiff, open-neck design – While the cover blocks any distractions that may interfere with babies’ concentration on breastfeeding, the unique open-neck of our cover allows mum to simply glance down and keep an eye on the baby throughout the nursing process.

Light, breathable fabric – Our covers slip over any outfit which allows mums to nurse in comfort and style. Feel free to even nurse outside—the cover will shade bubs!

Attention to Detail – Our Nursing Covers are all finished with color-coordinating threads, so you can be confident that you are purchasing a beautiful gift for a new mum or mum-to-be.